Immune Support +

Natures Aid Immune Support +
There are many reasons why we may become ill. When the ailment starts, the body will try to stop the problem and make itself well again via the body’s immune system. The immune system works incredibly hard to support our defences and this process can in turn be supported by the presence of certain nutrients. The winter months are particularly hard on the immune system and every year, people look for a natural way to maintain their health during this period.

The use of supplementation can be very beneficial to the immune function. Immune Support + is an advanced formula to help provide support to the body’s immune system. Immune Support + is full of ingredients that help to support the body and the immune system:

• Beta Glucan 1/3, 1/6 – helps to activate key components of the immune system.
• Vitamin D3 – genes controlled by D3 produce an antimicrobial substance called cathelicidin.
• Elderberry – anthocyanidins from elderberry help to strengthen the immune system.
• Ester-C – Vitamin C is needed as part of the body’s natural defences and to support the immune system.
• Vitamin A – helps the proper functioning of the immune system and keeps the skin and mucous membranes healthy.
• Garlic – a broad spectrum anti-microbial. The Allicin component is essential for this action. Garlic helps to maintain the healthy function of the respiratory system.
• Selenium – a common deficiency, 100mcg has been shown to reduce infections by aiding white blood cell development and activity.
• Zinc – another common deficiency, zinc is necessary for the immune system and works synergistically with Vitamin A and selenium.

If you wish to maximise your immune function and suspect that it may need support then Natures Aid Immune Support + could be your most suitable aid.