Pukka Clean Greens

Cleansing is for life… Not just for Spring!
Whilst January has become a focus for detoxing and cleansing we are actually exposed to pollutants and toxins on a daily basis through our diet of processed foods and polluted environment. This puts extra strain on our livers and antioxidant systems leading us to feel tired, unwell and at risk of developing degenerative diseases.

It is therefore important to support the body throughout of the year.

Pukka Clean Greens is the ultimate green cleanser with 11 super-rich herbs for everyday use.

How it works: Clean Greens supports every day cleansing and detoxification through helping the body to cope with the polluted environment and diet that we are exposed to on a daily basis. It is alkalising, cooling and eliminating, working as a powerful antioxidant blood cleanser.

It will provide the body with essential daily nutrients enabling the body to function at optimum level.